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Cape Verde to imitate Dubai

The west African island nation of Cape Verde plans to raise capital for a ‘strategic aviation hub’ serving west Africa. The proposed EUR310 million airport would have capacity for 50 million passengers per annum – roughly 2.5 times and 3.5 times the current annual throughput at the continent’s busiest airports, Johannesburg and Cairo – and would be constructed in three phases.

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3RT Solutions Advocates Tech-Driven Higher Institutions


The Smart Campus Campaign pioneered by 3RT Solutions will, this year, be engaging all stakeholders in Nigeria’s educational sector to ensure increased usage of contemporary technologies in higher institutions. The firm said it would provide an opportunity for stakeholders such as policy advisors, regulators, administrators, lecturers, students, telecoms and technology services providers, Original Equipment Manufacturers, and the general public, to rub minds towards dealing with challenges encountered in the tertiary arm of the education sector.

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